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Dark Divas Reviews accepts submissions for all genres. Our primary focus has been the Romance & Erotic genres, and their associated subgenres. Please read our terms and disclaimer section below before submitting your book for review. If you've had your book reviewed and are looking for our Reviewed Author Graphics, please CLICK HERE.

To request a review:

Please email ddrsubmissions [at] gmail [dot] com with the following information:

* Subject line: REVIEW REQUEST

* Body - Please include as much of the following information in your Review Request Form as is possible:

Book Title: (include series name, if any)




Buy Link:


Release Date:


*Attach: ebook in PDF format

If the book you wish to have reviewed is in print, please make a note of that in the email. We will have you mail it to the reviewer directly when it is requested.

We do not accept book for review with the following topics:

* Rape or Torture meant to arouse the reader and never to be committed by hero or heroine. Forced seduction, capture or dubious consent is OK.

* Necrophilia (Vampires are OK)

* Pedophilia

* Sex with animals (shifters in human form excluded)

* Golden Showers/Scat

* Snuff

Our Rating System:

  • 1 Delightful Diva - The book was boring or poorly written. You would not recommend this book to anyone.

  • 2 Delightful Divas - This book was not a total loss. There were still a lot of problems, but it was readable.

  • 3 Delightful Divas - This book is kind of in the middle. It was a good read and held your interest. You may recommend it to a friend, but it is not a keeper.

  • 4 Delightful Divas - This book was a great read. You are glad that you read it and will recommend it to your friends and may even go out and buy it or others from the author.

  • 5 Delightful Divas - This book was outstanding. You could not put it down or stop thinking about it. You will recommend certainly recommend it to friends and will search out more work from the author.

  • Recommended Read - This book was truly exceptional and deserves a little extra notice because you loved it so much.

  • We also use 1/2 Divas because sometimes we come across a book that is just in between one of our levels and we need that half Diva!

Terms and Disclaimer

The purpose of Dark Divas Reviews is to provide readers with an honest opinion of the books we read. We strive to write honest, objective reviews that will allow readers to form their own opinions about the book being reviewed. If a book is reviewed by a Dark Diva reviewer, the review, regardless of rating, will be published to our site. We do not promise a glowing review of every book submitted to us.

No matter the rating of the review, Dark Divas Reviews does NOT allow any sarcasm, animosity or author bashing within the review or comments; however, our reviewers will always be honest in their opinions. Our reviews are not meant to be a personal attack on the author but an honest review of the book’s plot, characters, story line, etc. The review is just one person’s opinion on the book. Readers want to know how someone really feels about a book and that is the service that we provide.

Dark Divas Reviews will not pull your review based SOLELY upon receiving a less than stellar rating.Our reviewers have spent their time in giving your book their undivided attention.

Feel free to look around our site to see samples of the reviews written at different rating levels. Our right sidebar has several different ways to search for reviews.

All books are submitted into rotation for our reviewers to choose from in the order in which they were received. Due to an influx of review requests, we may not be able to read/review all books that are accepted. We strive to have a book reviewed within 1 month of submission; however this is not always feasible. We will hold all books in the database for 4 months. If you have not heard from us in that time frame, you may email us to inquire about the status or resubmit your book.

When your book is reviewed, you will be notified by our Submissions Coordinator with the link to your review. Once the review has been posted to the Dark Divas Reviews Site, the digital copy of the book is deleted from the DDR Submissions email account and the reviewer is directed, according to our policies and procedures, to delete the book from their computer.

All content posted to the Dark Divas Reviews site is the property of Dark Diva Reviews. We use the blurb given at the publisher's site when posting our reviews. You are more than welcome to post this review elsewhere; however, we ask that you provide a link to Dark Divas Reviews. You may also use the graphic provided for you on our reviews blog.

If all of the above sounds good to you, please submit your book. We would love to review it! If you have more questions, you can contact us at ddrsubmissions [at] gmail [dot] com.

Your information is confidential, and only Dark Divas Review staff members will have access to your work. By submitting your book for review, you are agreeing to our terms. Terms are subject to change at anytime and without prior notification.