DDR Red Carpet Giveaway Presents: Love Revealed by Sorcha Mowbray

Love Revealed by Sorcha Mowbray
Series: The Market Series, Book One
Genre: Historical, Erotic Romance, BDSM
Length: 69 pages

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Lady Katherine Drummond plays by society’s rules, even after the Ton turns on her. Shunned by her peers, she keeps up appearances by day but allows her true self out in the privacy of The Market. There, in the arms of one man, she comes alive. So much so, she signs a contract to be his for six months. Despite never having seen his face and knowing him only as Sir, she fears losing her heart to the man who breaks through her defenses.

Lord Raymond Tarkenton, the Earl of Heathington, despises being one of the most sought after bachelors of the Ton. He could never ask a woman of his circle to submit to his sexual needs, and a mistress would never be an option. For now, one masked woman at The Market holds his undivided attention. When he realizes that his masked lover and Lady Katherine Drummond are one and the same, he must find a way to convince her that they are bound together by more than the straps at her wrists and the contract they signed. He must reveal himself and his love to her. But will she accept him for more than a sexual escape.

AJ’s Review:

Sorcha Mowbray is a new author to me and boy am I glad that I found her work. Love Revealed simply knocked my socks off with it’s intense passion, engaging characters, and scintillating plot. I simply couldn’t get enough and devoured the entire story in one sitting.

Lady Katherine Drummond, aka Kat, is a caring, shy woman who is being shunned by society, especially the Ton, because of her deceased husband’s indiscretions. My heart went out to Lady Katherine for all that she had suffered and continued to endure at the hands of such cruel, unscrupulous people. Yet, things are not always as they seem when lust is in the air and Kat puts on her mask to come out and play at The Market, which is the only place that allows her to truly embrace her sexuality. In addition to The Market, there was one bright light shining at the end of the tunnel, and it came in the form of the sexy Lord Raymond Tarkenton, the Earl of Heathington.

Heath, as most call him, is a dominant man who knows exactly what he wants and needs out of life, which is the reason that he seeks his pleasure at The Market. This alpha male will make you swoon from all of the tricks that he has up his sleeve to pleasure a woman. I must admit that I would have switched places with Kat in a heartbeat. While on the outside looking in, it appears that Lady Katherine and Heath have nothing in common, but once you really get to know both of the characters, you quickly realize that they’re a match made in heaven. The only question that remains is whether or not they will come to the same conclusion and act on it in time?

Ms. Mowbray has penned a captivating story with lovable characters who will instantly find a place in your heart. The sexual chemistry between Kat and Heath is explosive and the BDSM scenes are so sensual that you’ll definitely want to switch places with Kat. I loved how Ms. Mowbray allowed the story to play out while allowing the reader to better understand not only the complexities of the situation, but also the depth of our hero and heroine. The description of the Ton and the parties were so vivid that I felt as though I were transported back in time to London during the days when women attended balls to find a husband in society and unscrupulous men were known as Rakes. Moreover, the desires and pleasures that we partake in somewhat more freely today, were considered a forbidden taboo that only occurred in places such as The Market.

Love Revealed has everything that you could want in a historical: engaging, lovable characters, a picturesque background, a complex, well-written plot, scorching hot sex, and a love that is undeniable and guaranteed to last a lifetime if only our hero and heroine listen to their hearts and not the gossip of society. In the case of Love Revealed, that ole’ saying, one often finds love when they least expect it, rings true. Since this is the first book in The Market series, I can’t wait to see what Ms. Mowbray has in store for us next. :) Bravo!

Rated 5 Delightful Divas by AJ!

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“Why is it you were compelled to make me wait when you were aware I was here and ready? This is not how we should start this arrangement.”

“I was delayed.” She met his gaze, hers teamed with desire, hope, defiance, and perhaps even a tinge of fear. Mostly promising reactions, the defiance would need to be addressed.

“You will of course be punished.” He paused. “When I am ready.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her eyes lit up with his pronouncement.

“Not when you are, and it is clear you are.” Yes, Kat was the exact woman he needed in his bed. She fit him, was a perfect foil for him, for his base compulsion. No. He must be caught up in the moment. She was no more than a desirable woman.

He sat next to her on the bed and caressed the outer edge of one breast. “It was good of you to tell me the truth, Kat. You must always tell me the truth, just as I will always tell you the truth. Do you understand?”

“I will always be honest with you, Sir.” Surprise flitted across her features as the truth of her vow rang through her words and warmed him.

“Do you trust me, Kat?” Curiosity got the better of him.

She hesitated, her thoughts whirling like crazy behind her beautiful eyes. “No.” She finally responded and dropped her gaze. He stopped caressing her soft flesh.

Trepidation reared its head before logic squashed the anomaly. His pulse thrummed through his veins. “And yet you let me restrain you. Perhaps you trust me more than you think?”

She glanced up at him. “Maybe a little.”

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  1. Thank you for the awesome review and for having me visit today!

  2. Thank you AJ for the awesome review! I am so glad you enjoyed Love Revealed. :)

    • You’re welcome Sorcha! It was my pleasure.


  3. As a history buff and teacher I want not all the sexy goods but throw in some actual history too.

  4. Ugh, CAPTCHA deleted my response again! I like historicals because they are fiction to me and not my real life (that’s it in a nutshell).



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